Why is Translation Project Management Important?

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Why is Translation Project Management Important?

Project Management importance

In the translation industry, Project Management focuses on three main factors; time, cost, and quality. A translation project needs to be delivered on a certain deadline within agreed cost and specific quality. This may seem easy but the detailed process implies a lot of hard work to successfully deliver a high-quality translation project in accordance with client requirements. In this blog, we will discuss why translation project management is necessary and how to manage translation projects.

How to Manage a Translation Project

A professional translation Manager needs to follow certain steps to deliver a high-quality translation project, this includes but not limited to the following:

  1. Pre-Production

In this step, the Project Manager receives a translation project from a client and needs to determine a quote. He runs a detailed analysis that includes word count, type, and format of the file well as the required deadline. Also, it is very important to well understand client requirements. After analyzing all the given factors the project manager sets a quote and sent it to the client waiting for approval.

  1. Production

After agreeing with the client on the project quote, it is time to assign the project to a specialized translator or team of translators. The project manager will provide his / her translators with all the required data, information, and tools to get the project done. The project manager provides translators with needed resources, project constraints, and tools such as translation memory, CAT tools, and glossaries. The role of the project manager is not limited to this, as he/she will be the link between translators and clients throughout the translation process including proofreading and reviewing and quality assurance stages. Finally, you deliver the translation project to the client in accordance with its expectations and requirements.

  1. Post- Production

That is a very important step that cannot be skipped. After project delivery, the files are saved and achieved properly for a certain period of time. Some projects are saved for longer periods depending on the client’s requirement and the possibility of further cooperation.

Why is project management necessary?

Project management is the backbone of the translation process. Project managers receive files, analyze it and determine a quote, and then they select specialized translator/translators, track workflow, and deliver the file on the agreed deadline, making sure the delivered files meet client requirements. Control The project management in translation is a process that helps to control all translation phases to deliver high-quality translation services that satisfy the clients. 

Simply, translation project management is about analyzing, preparation, coordination, following up, and on-time delivery.

Translation Project Management and Technology

There are many translation project management software and platforms that offer many features and options that help in making the translation process easier. Such platforms do not replace project managers it only assists in the translation process.


In short, Translation project management is necessary for both translation agencies and freelancers in order to deliver high-quality translation services on time and within budget.



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