Top useful languages to learn in 2020

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Top useful languages to learn in 2020

useful languages to learn

Top useful languages to learn in 2020

Nowadays, we live in an interconnected world, and language is the direct connection between each other. This gives learning languages great importance along with its other benefits such as feeding your brain and advancing your career. In this blog post, we present to you the top useful languages to learn in 2020.

Important Languages to learn in 2020

In general, learning languages has many benefits, such as allowing you to improve your skills, giving you more opportunities to work and travel and feeding your brain. We will introduce a list of languages that help you achieve most of the said benefits.

  1. Arabic Language

Arabic language is a high demand language. It is spoken by nearly 300 million people around the world and it is the 5th most commonly spoken languages. Arabic is the official language of over 20 countries. In addition, Arabic countries are fast-growing markets for trade; this will give you an opportunity to benefit from learning this language in many ways in fields such as translation, consulting, banking and finance and journalism. Arabic language learning eases learning of other similar languages such as Persian and Turkish. Also, it makes travelling to fascinating the Middle East easier. 

  1. Spanish Language

Spanish language is spoken by about 400 million native speakers around the world. Learning Spanish will open opportunities for you to travel to many countries in South America and Europe such as Argentina, Chile, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Peru and Spain. People speaking Spanish contributed widely to global civilization.   

  1. French Language

 French language is one of six official languages of the United Nations. It is the second widely learned foreign language. More than 25 countries have French as the first language including but not limited to France, Canada, Congo, Cameroon, Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali, Belgium, Burundi, Switzerland, Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea and Luxembourg.

  1. German Language

  German is one of the most important languages to learn. It is spoken by about 110 million native speakers around the world. It is the official language of many countries including Germany, Belgium, Austria and Liechtenstein. Germany is a leading country in business within Europe which means that learning German languages opens up many job opportunities.

  1. Mandarin Chinese Language

Mandarin Chinese speakers are estimated at 1.1 billion that makes it the most spoken language in the world. Mandarin Chinese is officially spoken in China and Taiwan and unofficially spoken in Indonesia, and Malaysia China has the most fast-growing economy in the world which makes Mandarin Chinese good choice for learning. Because learning such widely used language in business and trade opens to you many doors and job opportunities.


It is your time to start learning a new language to gain the great benefits of learning languages. We list five top useful languages to make it easy on you to choose one of them and start this amazing journey.


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