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Translation Or Localization

translation or localization
Is it Translation, Localization or both? Translation involves taking a message in one language and accurately rendering it in another language, while Localization is the process of adapting content, product, and websites to fit a specific foreign area to be better understood and received by the target audience. This can be everything from words and[...]
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Translation Tools

8 Advanced Translation Tools In today’s world, translators use many helpful translation tools to improve their translation workflow and be able to produce high quality and accurate translation. Such tools make the translation process quicker and more accurate and of course, save translators time and effort and it helps the translators to produce a good[...]
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Difficulties of Legal Translation

legal translation in dubai
4 Difficulties of Legal Translation English into Arabic  Legal translators face difficulties in translating legal texts, as some legal concepts are not easily transferrable into the target language. In fact, legal translation is a complex matter. It requires a professional and experienced translator, who can convey the text precisely and accurately into the target language. [...]
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Translation Costs UAE

Translation costs uae
How to Calculate Translation Costs in UAE? You may ask why some translation service providers charge you more than others. Simply because translation costs UAE vary depending on many factors, such as text complexity, language combination, the volume of work, your requirements and so on. Each translation service provider uses different methods to determine and[...]
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6 Tips for Superior Technical Translation

technical translation
6 Tips for Superior Technical Translation Technical translation is one of the most demanded translation services nowadays, because of the constant evolution of technology. Technical translation involves translation of user guides, manuals, online help text, instructions leaflets, training materials, marketing materials, software, games, videos, and so forth. This type of translation requires an in-depth knowledge[...]
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5 oldest living languages in the world

5 Oldest Living Languages In The World   1. Arabic Language It is thought that Language has originated when early humans started gradually changing their primate communication systems to structured languages. Language is simply a system of communication that consists of a set of sounds and written symbols that are used by the people of a particular[...]
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Translation Service

3 Reasons for Translation Service
3 Reasons for Selecting Translation Service provider for your website Do you have a growing business in Dubai and you are looking for a translation services provider in Dubai to translate your website, then, definitely you need to continue reading this article!  Website Translation has become a crucial step in building up any business. There[...]
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6 Common Errors in Translation You Need to Avoid

6 Common Errors in Translation You Need to Avoid The translation is the communication of meaning from one language to another language. The aim of translation is to convey the original tone and intent of a message, bearing in mind the cultural and regional differences between the two languages. During the process of Translation, translators[...]
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6 Ways to Increase Translators Productivity

6 Ways to Increase Translators Productivity Some assume that productivity means faster work and low quality. But this is so far from the truth. Being a productive translator means that you can have more time, make more money, and have more job satisfaction. Do not confuse increasing your productivity by delivering lower quality. When looking[...]
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legal translation bur dubai

 legal translation bur Dubai Legal translation bur Dubai covers a wide range of documents, including contracts, agreements, memorandums, warrants, wills, certificates, reports, court minute, witness statements, regulations, testaments, and immigration documents, among others.  Legal translation bur Dubai can be difficult to undertake. Translating legal documents should always be done accurately. The slightest mistake could lead[...]
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