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Alsun Legal Translation In Dubai  is a premium legal translation office in Dubai providing you with professional and certified translation for all your personal and business documents. Our history of excellence makes us your best partner for translation services. We have become a well-known translation company in UAE for high quality and accuracy of legal translation in Dubai as we stick to the highest standards of linguistic and legal accuracy, responsiveness, confidentiality, and customer satisfaction. You can just send us your document now and let our legal translator in Dubai exceed your satisfaction of accuracy and speed. If you are looking for legal translation Services in Dubai, look no further than Alsun Translation for quick and accurate translation through our team of legal translators approved by all courts, embassies, notary public and all government entities. Just send your legal documents by email and receive our quotation in few minutes to let our legal translators finish and receive your documents fully translated and attested.

Legal Translation

Legal Translation

Legal Translation Dubai with highest standards and speed… that’s what we master! By focusing on legal translation field we can ensure that our legal translators In Dubai have the knowledge and experience.

Certified Translation

We have a full-time team of Arabic translators certified by UAE Ministry of Justice, courts, Notary Public and embassies, each having not less than 5-year experience in providing certified translation Services in Dubai and working around the clock.

Certificates Translation

Legal translation in Dubai of all certificates and official documents, including birth and death certificates, school certificates, affidavits, declarations…etc. fulfilling your requirements of accurate and quick translation Services in Dubai of your documents.

Business Translation

Business translation Services in Dubai is increasingly demanded by most companies, businessmen and individuals for professional translation in Dubai of their business documents, including profiles, correspondence, offers, bids, memorandums…etc.

Court Translation

Major law firms choose Alsun Legal Translation Dubai as their legal translation Services in Dubai for providing highest quality translation of court judgments, contracts, POAs, declarations, summons, wills and other court documents through full-time team of legal translators in Dubai.

Rush Translation 7/24

Our clients often require legal translation services in Dubai to be provided under pressure, swiftly and accurately and under strict time restrictions. Our in-house Arabic translators in Dubai give instant translation of all your documents of any volume.

Translation Services certified by UAE Ministry of Justice

Alsun Legal Translation Dubai has a dedicated team of sworn translators in most languages, including Arabic, English, French, German, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, and Russian certified by UAE Ministry of Justice and their translations are recognized by all courts, Notary Public, embassies and governmental and private institutions inside and outside Dubai. Whether your project is one page or two hundred pages, rest assured that it will be accurately translated and handled by our experienced professional team of Legal translators in Dubai.

Our Advantages

Why choose Alsun Legal Translation Dubai?

When you choose Alsun Legal Translation Services Dubai as your Translation Company in Dubai, you will benefit from various advantages that makes you rest assured that your project is in trustworthy hands of reliable Arabic translators.

Value-added translation

All our projects of legal translation are revised and proofread by highly professional reviewers and proofreaders who ensure that your documents are thoroughly checked and error-free.

Quick Turnaround

Our network of international translators allows us to benefit from time difference in delivering your documents in record time beside their high speed due to specification.

7/24 Support

We fully support our clients with our project coordinators and translators who are ready to attend to their requests around the clock in our capacity as their strategic translation partner.

Legal Specialization

Our legal translators in Dubai translate exclusively into their native languages, and specialize in legal sector only in which they have long experience and deep knowledge.

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Alsun Translation Dubai can do!


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Alsun Translation provides top-notch legal translation in Dubai to a pool of individual and corporate clients trusting it as their translation agency of choice.

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Alsun Translation is a legal translation office in Dubai with a professional network of sworn and certified translators in Dubai in most languages and project coordinators working around the clock.


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We offer a full range of translation services in Dubai, including legal translation, notarized translation, on-spot translators in Dubai, certified translation, attestation…etc.


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